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IDEA 135

Games at Work: Participation, Procedure, and Play

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Tentative Schedule (changes frequently)

week date topic in-class readings tutorials work due
1 1/28/2019 Game On! Games and Experience Definitions; Surrealist Games; Event Scores syllabus
1/30/2019 ENCODE: Markup; HTML Chapter 1 of Homo Ludens by Huizinga Introduction to HTML & Multimedia sketch 1: Event Score
2 2/4/2019 Rules and Roles Twine "Defining Games" from Rules of Play by Salen and Zimmerman Twine 2.0 Tutorials 1-2; harlow reference manual sketch 2: Board Game Modification
2/6/2019 Escape Room; D&D "Frames and Games" by Fine
3 2/11/2019 Computers COMMAND: composition, coordinates, color "Four Essential Properties of Digital Environments" by Murray McCarthy ch. 1--3; EJS 1 sketch 3: Winding Road
2/13/2019 BRANCH: response, variables, conditionals, events "Riddle Machines: The History and Nature of Interactive Fiction" by Nick Montfort McCarthy ch. 4--5; EJS 2 sketch 4: Avatar
4 2/18/2019 Media & Mechanics Sprites & GIFs "The Affect of Animated GIFs" by Sally McKay sketch 5: Interactive Avatar
2/20/2019 ASSETS: media & libraries "Games as Narrative Play" from Rules of Play by Salen and Zimmerman McCarthy 6--7; sketch 6: Sprite Sheets
5 2/25/2019 REMEMBER: randomness, state, timers, easing "Introduction & Randomness" from 10 PRINT CHR$(20.5.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 by Monfort et al McCarthy 8 sketch 7: remix
2/27/2019 sound "Gameplay, Genre, and the Functions of Game Audio" by Collins TBD PROJECT 1: PROPOSAL
6 3/4/2019 Game Creators REUSE I: functions; loops McCarthy 9; EJS 3 PROJECT 1: WORK IN PROGRESS
3/6/2019 REUSE II: objects "Rise of the Videogame Zinesters" by Anthropy; "Free Software" McCarthy 10; EJS 4
7 3/11/2019 Feedback project 1 critiques PROJECT 1
3/13/2019 project 1 critiques "Epistemelogical Pluralism and the Revaluation of the Concrete" by Turkle & Papert
8 3/18/2019 Spring Break
9 3/25/2019 Virtual Environments loops; arrays "The Six Elements and the Causal Relations Among Them" from Computers as Theater by Brenda Laurel McCarthy 11
3/27/2019 simulation "Navigating the Narrative in Space: Gender and Spatiality in Virtual Worlds," by Mary Flanagan p5-matter examples: simple platform; p5-play bounce example sketch 8: Chain of Events
10 4/1/2019 The Cinematic photoshop "Theater and Cinema" by Bazin First 5 Get Started Tutorials sketch 9: Chain of Events 2
4/3/2019 animation; interfaces "A Primitive Mode of Representation?" by Noel Burch photoshop frame animations; gamepad api sketch 10: Game Board Modification
11 4/8/2019 Game Culture 3D; Blender Basics "Future is Now: Changes in Gaming Culture" by Kocurek; Gamergate by Dewey PROJECT 2: PROPOSAL
4/10/2019 mesh modeling TBD Blender Beginner Tutorial - Part 1: User Interface and Part 2: Moving, Rotating, Scaling and Part 3: Edit Mode
12 4/15/2019 Games and Power a-frame; ar.js "From From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Video Games" by Halter getting started with A-frame and 3d models PROJECT 2: WORK IN PROGRESS
4/17/2019 "War/Game: Studying Relations Between Violent Conflict, Games, and Play" by Holger Potzsch, Philip Hammond Building a Basic Scene in A-Frame; Creating Augmented Reality with AR.js and A-Frame
13 4/22/2019 Feedback project 2 critiques PROJECT 2 DUE
4/24/2019 project 2 critiques makey makey
14 4/29/2019 advising day
5/1/2019 p5.geolocation PROJECT 3: PROPOSAL
15 5/6/2019 Non-games "Gamified life" by Vincent Gabrielle
5/8/2019 "Gamification and Other Forms of Play" by Jagoda PROJECT 3: Work in Progress
16 5/13/2019 Workshop Day
project 3 critiques PROJECT 3
17 5/20/2019