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CMSC 360

Intelligent Robotics and Perception

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Schedule changes frequently.

week date topic readings project
1_PUPPETS2/02/2016 introduction; ROSsyllabus; IAMR Ch. 1lab 0: ROS
2/04/2016 locomotion; ROSIAMR Ch. 2
22/09/2016 kinematicsIAMR Ch. 3lab 1
2/11/2016 sensingIAMR 4.1Unimate (Rachel)
32/16/2016 teleoperation "The Mercury Project: A Feasibility Study for Internet Robots"; IEEE Telepresence DaVinci (Quincy)
2/18/2016 camerasIAMR 4.2; First few OpenCV tutorialsStanford Cart (Ben)
4_ANTS2/23/2016 open and closed loop control IAMR 3.6; Control Tutorial by Kuipers Elsie and Elmer (Darren)
2/25/2016 behavior-based architectures IAMR 6.5; "A Robust Layered Control System for a Mobile Robot." by Brooks; AuRA: Principles and Practice in Review by Arkin and Balch. lab 2; Roomba (Katie)
53/01/2016 vfh and voting architectures IAMR 6.4.2; VFH by Borenstein; "DAMN: A Distributed Architecture for Mobile Navigation" by RosenblattNavlab (Jason)
3/03/2016 bug algorithmsIAMR 6.4.1; Chapter 2 of Principles of Robot MotionKiva (Alexandra)
6_BATS3/8/2016bayesAI reading (moodle); PR 2.1--2.2; IAMR 5.1--5.3project proposal
3/10/2016markov localizationPR 2.3-2.4 & 7.1--7.2; 8.1--8.2; IAMR 5.4--5.6.7Rhino (Drew)
73/15/2016monte carlo localizationPR Ch. 8.3lab 3; Rhex (Charlie)
3/17/2016image processingIAMR 4.3Big Dog (Elias); project timeline due 18th
8 3/22/2016 SPRING BREAK
93/29/2016breadth-first search; A* IAMR; Chapter 2. Discrete Planning of "Planning Algorithms" by Steve LaValle. The wikipedia articles for breadth-first search and Dijkstra's Algorithm and A*-search might be useful. Shakey (Morgan)
3/31/2016 randomized motion planning IAMR; Randomized Motion Planning - A Tutorial by Stefano Carpin; Spirit & Opportunity (Noah)
104/5/2016 mapping IPR Ch. 9Neato (Jelani)
4/7/2016 image processingIAMR 4.3
11_CAMELS4/12/2016 MDPsPR Ch. 14
4/14/2016 visionIAMR 4.4--4.8Baxter (Marysia)
124/19/2016 teach-in
4/23/2016 RL; POMDPReinforcement Learning: A Survey by Kaebling et al.; PR Ch. 15Xavier (Race); Pegasus (Cat)
134/26/2016 supervised learningIAMR Ch. 4; scikit-learnALVINN (Stefan)
4/28/2016 unsupervised learningscikit-learnCog (Kai); project status due 29th
145/3/2016 ADVISING DAY
5/5/2016 workshop day Stanley (Risdon)
145/10/2016 D*"Fast Replanning for Navigation in Unknown Terrain" by Koenig & Likhachev Curiousity (Liam)
5/12/2016 workshop day
165/17/2016 Project Presentations