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CMSC 360

Intelligent Robotics and Perception

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Schedule changes frequently.

week date topic readings project
1_PUPPETS9/04/2012introduction; ROS; locomotionsyllabus; IAMR Ch. 1-3; PR Ch. 1ROS Installed
29/11/2012teleoperation & sensingIAMR Ch. 3-4.1.11; "The Mercury Project: A Feasibility Study for Internet Robots"Telegarden (Oliver); lab 1
3_ANTS9/18/2012 open and closed loop control; subsumption; aura Control Tutorial by Kuipers; "A Robust Layered Control System for a Mobile Robot." by Brooks; AuRA: Principles and Practice in Review by Arkin and Balch. Elsie & Elmer (Shannon)
49/25/2012vfh and voting architectures VFH by Borenstein; "DAMN: A Distributed Architecture for Mobile Navigation" by RosenblattGenghis(Blagoy); lab 2
510/02/2012bug algorithms; swarmsIAMR Chapter 6 and Chapter 2 of Principles of Robot Motion; "Division of Labour in a Group of Robots Inspired by Ants' Foraging Behaviour" by Labella T.H., Dorigo M., Deneubourg J.-L.Roomba (Jacob)
7_BATS10/16/2012bayes; laser; localizationIAMR Ch. 5; PR Ch. 2Rhino (Miles); Project idea due
810/23/2012localization IIPR Ch. 4-6Rhex & Big Dog (Zach)
9 10/30/2012breadth-first search; A* Chapter 2. Discrete Planning of "Planning Algorithms" by Steve LaValle. The wikipedia articles for breadth-first search and Dijkstra's Algorithm and A*-search might be useful. Shakey (Feifan)
10 11/06/2012randomized motion planning; D* Randomized Motion Planning - A Tutorial by Stefano Carpin; Planning (RRT & A*) "Fast Replanning for Navigation in Unknown Terrain" by Koenig & Likhachev Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity, and Curiosity (Erik); project design due
11_CAMELS11/13/2012 MDPs/value-iterationPR Ch. 14-15Xavier (Anis); lab 4
1211/20/2012 pomdp; reinforcement learningReinforcement Learning: A Survey by Kaebling et al.Pegasus (Maxime)
1311/27/2012 machine learningIAMR Ch. 4Alvinn (Yuexi); lab 3
1412/04/2012 object recognition"Robust Real-time Object Detection" by Viola and JonesStanley(Michael)
1512/11/2012POMDPPR2 (Nabil)
1612/18/2012project presentationsproject