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CMSC 327

Distributed Systems

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Tentative Schedule (changes frequently)

week date topics readings work assigned
1 8/30/2010 course introduction syllabus
9/1/2009 distributed computing ch. 1 of DSPP; Fallacies of Distributed Computing Explained by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz
2 9/6/2010 architectures ch. 2 of DSPP project 1: client-server I
9/8/2010 peer-to-peer "Looking up data in P2P systems" by Balakrishnan et al.
3 9/13/2010 communication; UDP/TCP/IP ch. 4 of DSPP
9/15/2010 mobile networks "Epidemic Routing in Partially-Connected Ad Hoc Networks" by Vahdat & Becker
4 9/20/2010 processes; virtualization ch. 3 of DSPP project 2: client-server II
9/22/2010 active networks; mobile code "Maté: A Tiny Virtual Machine for Sensor Networks" by Levis & Culler
5 9/27/2010 naming ch. 5 of DSPP
9/29/2010 security ch. 9 of DSPP
6 10/4/2010 timing and synchronization ch. 6 of DSPP
10/6/2010 logical clocks "Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System" by Lamport presented by Adina and Maksim
7 10/11/2009 FALL BREAK
10/13/2010 object systems ch. 10 of DSPP project 3: clock synchronization with Java RMI and supporting code
8 10/18/2010 caching; consistency ch. 7 of DSPP
10/20/2010 "The Dangers of Replication and a Solution" by Gray et al. presented by Anis and Will
9 10/25/2010 fault tolerance ch. 8 of DSPP
10/27/2010 group communication "The Process Group Approach to Reliable Distributed Computing" by Birman presented by Ben and John project 4: group communication and supporting code
10 11/1/20105 distributed consensus and leader election "The Many Faces of Consensus in Distributed Systems" by Turek and Shasha presented by Nabil and Saquib
11/3/2010 scalability "Scale in Distributed Systems" by Neuman
11 11/08/2010 file systems ch. 11 of DSPP
11/10/2010 "The Evolution of Coda" by Satyanaryanan et al. presented by Blagoy and Erik
12 11/15/2010 map/reduce "MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters" by Dean & Ghemawat presented by Giulio and Shun-Yang project 5: replication
11/17/2010 ADVISING DAY
13 11/22/2010 web services "Principled Design of Modern Web Architecture" by Fielding and Taylor presented by Jonathan and Nathaniel
11/24/2010 ch. 12 of DSPP
14 11/29/2010 publish-subscribe systems ch. 13 of DSPP Lightweight Communications and Marshalling
12/1/2010 bloom filters "Network Applications of Bloom Filters: A Survey" by Broder & Mitzenmacher presented by Amar and Curtis
15 12/6/2010 language support; agents; actors; "Actors in Scala", actors tutorial, and remote actors
12/8/2010 "Energy-efficient computing for wildlife tracking: design tradeoffs and early experiences with zebranet" by Juang et al. presented by Abhi and Bella
16 12/13/2010 project presentations