Keith J. O'Hara


CMSC 117

Introduction to Computing: Interactive Systems

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Tentative Schedule (changes frequently)

week date topics readings presentation work assigned
1 9/03/2012 course introduction syllabus designblocks self-portrait
9/05-07/2012 coordinates; shapes; color shiffman ch. 1-2
2 9/10/2012 sketching, computationally "Hackers and Painters" by Paul Graham; self-portrait II assignment; designblocks critique
9/12-14/2012 interaction shiffman ch. 3
3 9/17/2012 arithmetic; variables shiffman ch. 4;
bogost: introduction, art
"Pianos Not Stereos: Creating Computational Construction Kits" by Resnick, Bruckman, and Martin(Ameer and Joshua)
4 9/24/2012 branching; conditionals shiffman ch. 5;
bogost: empathy & reverence
"Affordances of the Digital Medium" by Janet Murray from Inventing the Medium (Ch. 2)(Abhinanda, Catherine & Robert) game assignment; self-portrait II critique
5 10/01/2012 repetition; loops shiffman ch. 6;
bogost: music & pranks
"Computer Programming as an Art" by Donald Knuth (Cole, Dan, & Kara) game assignment I critique
6 10/08/2012 fall break
10/10-12/2012 bugs!
7 10/15/2012 trig; transformations shiffman ch. 13-14; bogost: transit "Taste for Makers" by by Paul Graham (Dee, Katie C., and Joe) clock assignment
10/16-18/2012 functions; good code shiffman ch. 7
8 10/22/2012 objects shiffman ch. 8;
bogost: branding
"Computer Software" by Alan Kay (Dylan, Victoria, Gwendolyn)
9 10/29/2012 arrays shiffman ch. 9;
Bogost: electioneering & promotion
"As We May Think" by V. Bush (Benjamin, Georgina, Ezekiel & Valentina) clock critique; game assignment II
10/31-02/2012 images; pixels shiffman ch. 15;
bogost: snapshots
10 11/05/2012 shiffman ch.10-12 "Sketchpad: A man-machine graphical communication system" by Ivan Sutherland (David, Ruby, & Robbie)
11/07-09/2012 Midterm
11 11/12/2012 video shiffman ch. 16;
bogost: texture & kitsch
"Computing Machinery and Intelligence" by Alan Turing (Collin, Nicole, and Diana) photobooth assignment; project proposal
12 11/19/2012 text shiffman ch. 17;
bogost: relaxation & throwaways
"ELIZA- a computer program for the study of natural language communication between man and machine" by Joseph Weizenbaum (Sadiki, Harrison, and Aven) project critique
13 11/26/2012 data; files shiffman ch. 18;
bogost: titilation & exercise
"In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits" by Chris Anderson (Ally and Sonakshi) graphical excellence critique; project design
11/28-30/2012 visualization assignment
14 12/03/2012 information and disinformation design tufte article on moodle;
bogost: work & habituation
"The Computer Scientist as Toolsmith II" by Fred Brooks (Christeina & Ashley)
15 12/10/2012 sound I shiffman ch. 20;
bogost: disinterest & drill
"Procedural Literacy: Educating the New Media Practitioner" by Michael Mateas (Garrett, Sam & Charley)
16 12/18/2012
Tuesday @ 5-8pm
Final Project Presentations