Keith J. O'Hara


CMSC 101

The Craft of Computing (F2015)

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Tentative Schedule (changes frequently)

week date topic reading
1 09/01/2015 CS: Bard and beyond What is CS? by Newell, Perlis & Simon

2 09/08/2015 CODE What is Code? by Ford; Learning the Shell by Shotts; Put Yourself in Command: Introduction
3 09/15/2015 Art & Unix; Art of Unix Computer Programming as an Art by Knuth; Program Design in the UNIX environment by Pike & Kernighan; Basics of the Unix Philosophy by ESR; Put Yourself in Control: Advanced
4 09/22/2015 Speaker TBD
5 09/29/2015 MAN: Troubleshooting (debugging, searching, asking) How To Ask Questions The Smart Way by ESR;
6 10/06/2015 README: Editing (text, sublime, vim, emacs, markdown) Put Yourself in Control: Text Editors; GNU Manifesto
7 10/13/2015 Fall Break
8 10/20/2015 Mindstorms Mindstorms by Papert 1--4
9 10/27/2015 Speaker TBD
10 11/03/2015 GIT: Collaborating (version control, github) Getting Started with GIT; Linus's Famous Email
11 11/10/2015 Mindstorms Ch. 5--8
12 11/17/2015 WWW: Web (HTML, CSS) As We May Think by Bush
13 11/24/2015 Speaker TBD
14 12/01/2015 WWW: Dynamic Web (Javascript) Mother of All Demos by Engelbart
15 12/08/2015 "Top Secret Rosies"
16 12/15/2015 SCRIPT: Automating (bash scripting, make) Put Yourself in Control: Scripting; Writing Shell Scripts