Keith J. O'Hara


CMSC 101

The Craft of Computing

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Tentative Schedule (changes frequently)

week date topic reading presentation work assigned
1 9/04/2013 CS: Bard and beyond What is CS? by Newell, Perlis & Simon

Pianos Not Stereos: Creating Computational Construction Kits by Resnick, Bruckman and Martin
2 9/11/2013 SHELL: navigating (bash, ssh, wget, common tools) "The Life and Afterlife of Aaron Swartz" by Yang;
"The free Web program that got Bradley Manning convicted of computer fraud" by Fisher
3 9/18/2013 Computer Programming as an Art by Donald Knuth
4 9/25/2013 README: Editing (textfiles, emacs, markdown, filesystem) Becky
5 10/02/2013 The Sciences of the Artificial by Herbert Simon
6 10/09/2013 GIT: Collaborating (version control, github) Getting Started with GIT Keith
7 10/16/2013 HTML: Publishing (HTML; rsync; permissions; data viz.) Bob
8 10/23/2013 MAKE: Automating (more unix, make, autoconf, scripting) Sven
9 10/30/2013 "Doing with Images Makes Symbols" by Alan Kay
10 11/06/2013 Mindstorms: Children, Computers, And Powerful Ideas by Seymour Papert.
11 11/13/2013 Mindstorms pt. II
12 11/20/2013 MAN: Troubleshooting (debugging, searching)
13 11/27/2013 project
14 12/04/2013 Advising Day
15 12/11/2013 project
16 12/18/2013 Final Project Presentations